National Officers

National Officers

Deacon Lavern McDaniel
International Finance Chairman

Minister Mary Patterson
National Women's Department President
Minister Donna Green

National Women's Department Vice President
Sister Sha'Shuna Stephens
Northern District Women‘s Dept. Secretary
Sister Veronica McRae

Southern District Women's Dept. Secretary
Sister Benita Y. Woodbury
National Coordinating Staff President
Elder Ezekiel Haines
International Evangelist
Sister Kim Roberts
National Youth Department President

Sister Kara Frison

National Youth Department Vice President

Sister Maria Simmons
National Usher Department President
Sister Lucinda Newbill

Northern District Vice President of the National Usher's Department

Sister Versteen Davis

Southern District Vice President of the National Usher's Department

Elder Timothy E. Veal, Sr.
Chairman of The Ordination Board
Elder Timothy E. Veal, Sr.
Dean of Education
Brother Malik Smith

International Coordinator of Operations and Outreach
Coordinator of Bereavement Team
Assistant Director of Marketing
Sister Karen Frison

Assistant Coordinator of the Bereavement Team

Minister Tanisha Rufus

Assistant International Executive Secretary

Director of Marketing
Sister Brooke Haines
International Livestream Coordinator
Assistant Director of Marketing